When can I expect my cookies? 

Our cookie turnaround time is 24-48 hours, plus the 2-3 business days for shipping. So, once you place your order you can expect your cookies to come in 4-5 business days! 

Why can't I order more variety packs?

Due to our business just starting, we cannot do customizable packs simply because of the extra cookies that would be produced and gone to waste. Once we begin to get enough orders though, we will be able to allow more variety packs! 

How many cookies come in one batch?

One batch makes 7 cookies!

Why can't I order less than 6 or 7 cookies?

Shipping is expensive, so the more cookies you get in one shipment, the better value you receive for your money! 

How do you keep my cookies safe when they ship? 

We individually wrap each cookie in a self-adhesive bag, include packing peanuts and tissue paper! Although we cannot control how the box is handled once it is out of our hands and with the post office, we try our best to keep your cookies safe! 

I am local, do I have to get my cookies shipped?

If you are local (within 15 miles) then we will deliver your cookies to you for a $5 delivery charge. The cookie turnaround time is still 24-48 hours, but once they are made they will be delivered!